Service Purchase

The Service Purchase benefit allows active members of the ASRS, and members who are receiving benefits under the ASRS Long Term Disability Income Plan, to buy past credited service time under specific qualified categories. Adding additional service credit may increase your monthly lifelong benefit and/or qualify you for retirement at an earlier date.


In order to participate in the Service Purchase Program you must:

  • Be currently contributing to the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) or receiving Long Term Disability (LTD) from the ASRS.
  • Members with an ASRS membership date on or after July 1, 2010 are required to have at least 5 years ASRS of credited service before initiating a Service Purchase request, except for previously forfeited service.

The following limits apply:

  • Members with an ASRS membership date prior to July 20, 2011 may purchase any and all eligible service for each service type. Members with a membership date on or after July 20, 2011 are limited by state statute to five years of service for each service type, except for forfeited service, which has no limitation.
  • Members may not purchase service time for which they are receiving, or are eligible to receive, other retirement benefits.

Step 1: Estimate your cost by type of service

You will need your current service credit and your current annual salary in order to estimate your service purchase costs. Log in to your secure ASRS Home Page to use what the figure the ASRS has on file at this time for your most accurate estimate.

Military Service

You may be eligible to purchase credit for any amount of service performed while on active duty if you were honorably discharged, and for active duty in the Military Reserve or National Guard.

Forfeited ASRS Credited Service

You may be eligible to reinstate forfeited ASRS service if you previously contributed to the ASRS, refunded your contributions and have resumed employment with an ASRS employer and are currently contributing to the plan.

Leave of Absence

You may be eligible to purchase service credit for up to one year of an authorized leave of absence from your employer in which you returned to work with that employer or could not return because a position was not available, or you were disabled.

Other Public Employment Service

You may be eligible to purchase any amount of service credit performed under another public employer if you are not receiving or are not eligible to receive a benefit from any other retirement plan based on the service to be purchased.

Step 2: Submit Request for Cost Invoice

This easy and secure Service Purchase Request Wizard will help you request a cost invoice to purchase certain types of credited service that may be applied toward your ASRS account. Your online request can be completed in just a few moments, and is not a binding agreement in any way.